Florida Youth Scholarship

Jessie Woods Aviation Scholarship:  This Ninety-Nines Aviation Scholarship is open to any girl who lives in or goes to school in Florida and who is currently in middle school or high school.  The deadline is March 12 for the upcoming 2021 camp. To apply, download the application and follow all the instructions.

The scholarship covers the cost of the Sun ‘n Fun Destination Aviation Summer Camp in Lakeland, Florida, including room and board. Transportation to Lakeland, Florida is not included. For more information on the camp, go to: http://www.sun-n-fun.org/educational-programs/


Florida Suncoast Chapter Scholarship


This scholarship is offered to a Florida 99s Chapter member to be used for dual instruction for a Biennial Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check, toward a new rating or certificate, or ground and safety training. If using the scholarship toward the private certificate, a solo endorsement must have been accomplished.

Additional requirements:

  • One attendance letter from a Chapter officer confirming the applicant has attended at least two Chapter meetings within the past 12 months.
  • One of the recommendation letters must be from a flight instructor or someone with whom you have flown.
  • Please include an additional logbook entry, if needed, to show currency (e.g., BFR; Rating checkride) or solo completion for student pilot (if not in last three logbook pages submitted).
  • Your essay should also include: 1) the reason you became a 99; 2) your activities as a 99; 3) financial need; and 4) how you will use this scholarship.
  • An interview, either in person or by phone, may be required.


  • Must be a Florida resident
  • Must be a current Florida Chapter member
  • Funds must be used by June 30 in the year after the scholarship is awarded.

Other information:

  • The winner will receive a ‘Winner letter’, and an ‘Acceptance letter’ to sign, and it MUST be returned within five days of being notified as the scholarship recipient.
  • For the payment, the winner must submit ‘Request For Payment’ form provided by Florida Suncoast Chapter, to Treasurer via treasurer@flsuncoast99s.org. Our preference is to pay the flight school/instructor directly, but the winner may request an arrangement to reimburse the winner for flight costs they have paid.
  • The winner is required to communicate with Florida Suncoast Chapter Chair and Treasurer and to share your training progress via email at least once a month until the scholarship funds have been completely dispersed. A follow-up of when you have achieved a rating, certificate, or endorsement would also be appreciated – send to info@flsuncoast99s.org.

Submit application to: Florida Suncoast 99s Scholarship Committee (info@flsuncoast99s.org)


International Scholarship Opportunities

The International Ninety-Nines has many scholarship opportunities.  Please check them out?

International Scholarships